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Today we bring you a new post written by our  team of talent adcquisition, a service aimed to transform the vision of attracting talent. In this post we present the 6 solutions that we follow to achieve the incorporation of a IT professional.

For the incorporation of a IT professional, you have to follow a set of tools that must coexist in harmony to achieve your goal: incorporate the best talent.

Now a days, the demand of IT professionals is high and will continue growing in the next 20 years. To be able to face the challenges that the sector give us, in SlashMobility we face it with these solutions, which makes this process easier:


1. Employer Branding

Employer branding is a solution that the company must incorporate into its website, social networks, etc. Employer branding means giving visibility on the different platforms of what the philosophy and work of the company’s employees is like.

It is essential to squeeze the employer branding and personal branding must show what makes us strong, in order to make the candidate engagged in the organization. With the employer branding we can show the candidate how wonderful will be to join our family.


2. Flexibility and dynamism

Another tool to incorporate IT professionals is the flexibility and dynamism in the participation of the selection processes. You never should put obstacles to a future worker, you always have to be flexible and dynamic, offering solutions to perform an interview. The main objective of the interviews is to know the candidate and especially that he knows us, it does not matter if we carry out the interview in our offices or from his house’s couch, therefore, we always apply the improvements in this and take advantage of the 2.0 resources such as Skype, Facetime, hangout, to be able to do an online interview.


3.Social networks as channels for attracting talent

In the environment of digital transformation, the habits of apply in conventional page offers have been lost. The best channels to reach who we want, are social networks. Therefore, we are in the situation of promoting to the maximum our RRSS.


4.New unconventional platforms

Talentclue is a great tool and we use it to develop our selection processes. This tool allows multiposting in all the channels we have and more. At the same time we can manage the candidates with the database that the platform has integrated and intelligently it can classify the candidates by skills, location, years of experience and much more. It also helps to know the status of the process and offers detailed reports on each one.


5.Headhunting as a way of working

Headhuntig consist on looking for candidates directly, even if the candidate is not in active search, perhaps the offer could be interesting to a perfect candidate. In practice, this way of working is abused. We must always be clear and concise, do not beat around the bush and explain the position honestly.


6.Skill values as challenges

Finally, it is always important to offer a challenge. We offer a challenge for the candidate, a litmus test for the motivation of the possible worker. In the case of SlashMobility, we have developed a system of technical tests gamified that offer a challenge to increase motivation.


Our SlashBoy Albert Vicente, IT Talent Business Developer,  is the author of this post.




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