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img_secundaria_training-school-blogThere have been several occasions in which we have talked about the problems in finding talent in the ICT sector, and that, sometimes, companies find it difficult to fill some jobs in this sector. However, this situation is clashing with the fact that many educational centers do not find companies in which their students can develop internships or begin their professional career.

That’s why, the search for candidates by companies can no longer be passive. In SlashMobility, we have launched our Digital Training School, whose objective is to create talent within the company that later can join the company and develop their professional career, that is, create an immediate professional opportunity.

How does Digital Training School work?

From SlashMobility we give specific courses in the technological area. These are face-to-face and intensive courses taught by professional experts in their fields (mobile development, programming languages, UX / UI, etc.). If the student successfully completes the training, he can enjoy an immediate professional opportunity and join the lines of the SlashTeam, where he or she will develop what was learned and continue training.

Our Training School, of course, maintains the values of SlashMobility. Thus, innovation, proactivity, commitment and teamwork are also present in this process of talent creation.


Do you have technical background (FP or Degree)? Do you want to take advantage of this immediate professional opportunity? Do you want to be part of SlashTeam? Contact us!


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