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In a study published and developed by IABSpain along with other entities like Kaspersky Lab and Applicants, reference is made and in great detail to the main actions and movements of the main car manufacturers in terms of their integration in the connected vehicle.

It is of interest to analyze each one of them, and for not duplicating contents with this study, we will show you the strategy of the main manufacturers.

Ford Sync

Ford Sync is Ford’s connected vehicle project. Use the Internet connection system through the Bluetooth connection of a smartphone. In this way, the car connects to the device and uses the data plan already contracted on that device. Its disadvantage is that it depends on the phone to operate, and without it, Ford Sync is not operational.

Among its features, the driver of a vehicle equipped with Ford Sync can not only make the car read an SMS that just received on your phone, but can ask you for information on other topics, such as time, share application information or consult the schedules of the cinema closer, all through a system of recognition of commands by voice. Also includes the eCall system already commented.

This type of Bluetooth connectivity is also used by Toyota with Toyota Entune. The latter system, in addition, has several specific applications that can be handled directly from the car, regardless of whether they are on the phone or not.

BMW & Audi

These manufacturers are betting to directly integrate a SIM card into their cars, offering independence from their driver’s phone. The cars happen to have their own particular connection, which can be a disadvantage since it is necessary to pay an additional line. This is an interesting business model, for them, of course.

BMW is one of these brands that have opted for integrated SIMs with its ConnectedDrive program. The applications are similar to the ones we mentioned earlier (emergency calls, integration with consulting services, etc.), but they do include additional functionality: making the car itself tethering by offering a Wi-Fi access point for its occupants.

Audi also offers a similar integrated SIM solution, and has recently announced that its cars will be the first to include LTE connectivity. The models with this integrated system have been on sale in Europe since recently.

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