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At SlashMobility we are concerned that each of our customers has the best service with the best results.

Our goal is to guide companies and brands in the most enriching way and our desire is to see them work with the same clarity with which we approach to guide them.

For this, the creation of the brand should be the first push that accurately welcome the complete brand. We need the foundation that should contain all the information needed to tackle the project’s development, although as Charly Sarti of Brunett Spain says, “what really matters is not having a form full of information, but the thinking behind it

As you will have noticed, we are lovers of Design Thinking and our honeymoon is the experience. So yes, here we are going to teach you how, through it, we get to the creation of a brand.

What are the steps?

The first is to specify or find the actual positioning of the brand. It is the first point to begin to guide the target and the differences of the brand with respect to the competition.

To do this, we ask questions to specify:



In the second phase we will test the Card Sorting to determine the brand values ​​and personality of our real customers (define buyer persona). With the results we are going to obtain a representative picture of the four cardinal points that set the object / client and separately, the values ​​of our brand.


Third step…



After obtaining several concepts for Naming, from the design department we will start to create the definitive names that will be presented in a new session of Design Thinking, where together with the client, they will choose the 3 best names.

In the end, it all comes down to collaboration, which is one of the key ingredients in creating creative streams during the process, so we encourage you to share your opinion and insights with us in the comments! 😉

Our SlashGirl Sandra Izquierdo, UI / UX / CX Specialist, is the author of this post.


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