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SlashLabIf there is something that has been present from the first steps of SlashMobility to today is our entrepreneurial spirit. That, coupled with our experience and experience in projects and very different sectors, has led us to help create and support ideas of entrepreneurs whose central axis are the apps through our mobile project incubator, SlashLab.

Si hay algo que ha estado presente desde los primeros pasos de SlashMobility hasta hoy en día es nuestro espíritu emprendedor. Eso, sumado a nuestra trayectoria y experiencia en proyectos y sectores muy dispares, nos ha impulsado a ayudar a crear y dar soporte a ideas de emprendedores cuyo eje central sean las apps a través de nuestra incubadora de proyectos mobile, SlashLab.

Not so fast, what is a startup incubator?

If you are not familiar with the term, a startups incubator is a support center dedicated to making private and specialized advice to assess the possible business ideas. From those ideas are born formal companies, getting entrepreneurs to minimize their business risk and do not sink in the attempt to get their business forward, because in this way we multiply their chances of success.

How does it work?

When it comes to starting a business plan, it is not enough to have an idea; We have to structure it and achieve a plan that projects the development and execution of the enterprise.

The first step we take in our SlashLab is to recognize the potential product ideas that can serve our customers as future projects or proposals and then develop them.

Our experience in the world of Mobility, makes us know this market in depth and that makes it an inexhaustible source of possible success stories.

Once we have identified the business idea we begin to define all the necessary maneuvers to carry on and therefore the resources that we will need. Simultaneously, we also work on the commercial aspect of the product trying to find out what will be the most appropriate way to sell it.

With the business idea in mind and defined the maneuvers as well as the necessary resources, we will create a prototype in order to be able to show how it works.

Out of our incubator have come projects as notable as Manduka Games, Kokoro, DressApp and StreamHatchet.

DressApp, incubated by members of our Slash Team has become one of the most relevant applications of mobile-commerce in the fashion sector. It has 1.000.000 downloads and 50.000 catalogs downloaded.

On the other hand, Kokoro, emerges to be a great exponent in the sector B2E mobile through plug & play creations to increase the satisfaction of employees and employers in their workplace.

In the case of Manduka Games, which offers knowledge and experience through AppGaming services to companies with concerns for business entertainment, where we can capture, retain and sell through Gamification and Serious Games.


And finally, Stream Hatchet, a tool born in 2015 that allows you to obtain real-time information as well as statistics and analytical and historical reports, making it the most innovative tool dedicated to this.

These projects in which different sectors are involved have been a success for SlashMobility, that is why at present, all those who share with us that entrepreneurial spirit or are thinking of launching or creating a new business or those who need advice that assures you Minimizing the possible risks, do not hesitate to count on a team of experts like ours!

We are waiting for you;)


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