F. Iniciativas is an integral and high-level consultancy in the sector of the financing of R+D + i: tax deductions, subsidies, Patent Box, etc.
F. Iniciativas is present with its own offices in 9 countries and has more than 850 employees.


Digital Hub
– Co-Creation



Objective and challenge

Among its main challenges, we find the need to diversify its offering by generating new business models, new products and services. In addition, the need to attract and maintain talent among its employees and increase the notoriety as an innovative reference.


To achieve a solution to these challenges, we made four co-creation sessions with the management team:

  • Mind Map: All those sectors and influential factors in the process of achieving our challenge are shown. They give us an idea of ​​everything to take into account to achieve our challenge.
  • Stakeholder map: The stakeholder map shows us the essential relationships between agents to deliver our solution or value to the market.
  • Buyer Person: The target is defined, we obtain information from our client.
  • User Journey map: The experience of our client is mapped and the points of contact and pain points are identified, with this we obtain the opportunities with which to offer a solution.
  • How could we …?: Based on these questions, the uncertainties of the problem are deepened in order to construct the value proposal and begin the ideation phase.
  • Value proposal: The value proposal that we can provide to our client is defined jointly taking into account their needs.
  • Brainstorming: generation of ideas taking into account all the information of the previous phases.
  • Storyboard: through storytelling, the idea is deepened and the solution is developed.


  • During the sessions, a transactional innovation vehicle is defined, integrated in the operations and processes of the company. This vehicle serves as a guide for different models of relationship and collaboration with new companies.
  • Start-up of the first technology startup acceleration program: FI BOOST. It is one of the two unique projects, among the 29 of Acció’s Corporate Innovation program, which is implemented in the first year.
  • The call has received more than 140 applications.
  • The program has aroused great interest among the employees of the company and they are involved in the evaluation phase of the projects.
  • Corporate identity design