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Many companies “say” that they bet on the happiness of their employees. In SlashMobility we do not say it, we do it. And as a picture is worth more than a thousand words, we leave you photos that have marked the Day Off 2018, a weekend full of teamwork, fun, good vibes and lots of laughs.


Our Day Off 2018, like every year, began with the trip that would take us from our offices in Barcelona to La Rania, Vidrà (Girona). One more year, our Committee of Cool Affairs has hit the house completely. An incomparable place where the SlashTeam has been able to enjoy fresh air, sun and nature in its purest form. Without a doubt, the perfect scenario to spend a luxury weekend.



If something characterizes the SlashTeam is that it unfolds like a fish in water in different environments. By land, sea and air we are a highly effective team. Do not you believe us? Well, look at how we live in the aquatic environment.


One of the goals of the Day Off is that the SlashTeam knows the current state of the entire company, not only of its area, and where we are going, as well as reinforcing our corporate values: teamwork, commitment, innovation and proactivity.



With so much hustle and bustle, it is important to stay well fed. And we know that! This year, as a novelty and to reinforce teamwork, our SlashTeam has gotten into the kitchen. We dared with paella and barbecue. Who wants to repeat?



A weekend gives  for much. During the Day Off there is also time to relax and enjoy more relaxed moments. After all, it was about resting and spending time together outside of the workplace to get to know each other a little better.

In short, a great Day Off with a great team. Reject imitations!

Have you been wanting more? Do not miss the video and discover the SlashTeam in its pure state. After seeing how well we have spent in the Day Off it is normal that you have a little envy. If you also want to live moments like this and, most importantly, commitment, innovation, creativity and teamwork are written in your DNA and you are passionate about technology. This is your place! We will wait for you.


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