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The digital transformation is the first in the list of tasks in the strategy of the companies, but the reality is that Spanish companies fail in their evaluation of digital transformation levels- results of the Digital Maturity Test DES2018. Therefore, the goals are not being achieved and there is still a lot of work to be done. So today, we are going to explain 8 points that you should take into account if you want your digital transformation process to be a success. First of all, we must bear in mind that digital transformation encompasses both the transformation of how people and culture work within organizations, as well as technology. And now, let’s start!

1. Evaluate the current situation
To deal with the process of digitizing your company, you must know from what point it begins. To start digitizing, each company has to evaluate how the organization works, both outward and inward. One way to know their digital maturity status is to take the DAT, a test that objectively assesses the level of digital maturity through 20 key indicators, which are included in four areas: culture, technology, innovation and business. With this, you will know which areas you have to promote and which ones are working in a good direction.
2. Having objectives clear and implement it as the main strategic priority
The process of digital transformation has become the trend in recent years. But there is something we must not forget, what is the purpose of this transformation? You must have a clear and firm strategy to define how we are going to do it and what we are going to do. This strategy should be driven by the next question, what does my client need/seek? Through the user-centric strategy, efforts and resources must be concentrated in a single cohesive direction. Once we have the clear objective, we must put it into practice. Do not forget that it is a long-term process and not at all easy, but it is the key to the survival of the company. Therefore, we must dedicate time and resources to the plan and implement it. The strategic emphasis in the digital transformation is reinforced by the investment in new technologies for the digitalization of the company. This process should be the investment priority in the next three years.
3. Conscious team
To be a priority, it is essential that the company’s management is aware of the need for digitalization. Today, technology is a cross-cutting element in the company, but also strategic. Therefore, all managers must be the first to lead this challenge. All those responsible must be willing to promote this process through communication, recruitment, hiring, reorganization adjustments and business culture.
4. Promote innovation culture.
Technology is key to understanding the role of people and the organization, but for this, it is necessary to promote new values and organizational behaviors such as transparency, collaboration, participation and a new way of understanding the talent of people as ambassadors of innovation. Innovating means rethinking processes, improving and creating new products and/or services to achieve better results
5. Talent as the pillar for digital transformation
To digitize a company it is important to have the appropriate talent. Therefore, attracting and retaining the best talent should be one of the priorities for the company. The training of the team is vital to carry out the digital transformation. In addition, we must bear in mind that in the current labor market there are not enough digital profiles. If we do not have the appropriate team, we have to look for specialized talent, to ensure that the organization has the skills, knowledge and the right combination of talent to face the change. You must trust in your team, they will be the one who should take the company to the next level. Therefore, it is convenient to act in an agile and direct way. Technological talent is very demanding, so you must work with flexible labor policies to retain and retain it.  
6. Balance between conventional and new operative models
A new leadership system is used that affects both the way of making decisions and management. We must be aware of the importance of working the transition towards these new models of understanding the hierarchical role if we want to achieve an innovative culture. These technologies do not work with the pyramid structure and therefore require more leadership. The implementations for the digitalization are usually revolutionary and can cause conflicts related to the processes and existing operating systems. As a result, the design of how new processes and technologies will connect with the traditional operating model must be defined beforehand and recognized throughout the organization. If this is not done, it will be impossible to integrate your digitization initiatives into your existing operations.
7. Enhance data and analysis
The analytical methods of data have a key role in the process of digitalization, because thanks to them we can transform the data into concrete actions in the business. The potential of the data and the analysis is not yet fully exploited. Less than half of companies (44%) are considered advanced or leaders in data and analysis. However, they have already seen increases in revenue due to the use of data and analysis. The monetization of the data and the information is a must-have in these times of change. Companies must exploit the use of analytics to create more agile business models and processes to stay ahead of the competition. The addition of digital intelligence offers clarity about your customers and the processes necessary to support the new digital business models.
8. Control and measure constantly
The metrics for achieving the success are related with “The Why” success metrics that we define at the beginning of the process, it must be followed and communicated to the entire company. This will ensure that both the team and the process remain focused, learn and be flexible as new challenges arise. Do not forget that the digital transformation is a change in the business and, in second place, is the movement towards new technologies. As a result, these points are key for the company to successfully address the digital transformation process. Our SlashGirl Cristina Gómez, Marketing Specialist, is the author of this post. ]]>


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