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At SlashMobility we are aware of the importance of having an united team , so one of our values ​​is teamwork.

In this way, as you know, once a year we go away from the weekend to carry out team building activities, enhancing this value while sharing knowledge and fun, with the achievement of an improvement of the environment in the office.

Did you know…?

The origin of the team building dates back to the 1920s and 1930s. Its predecessor was William McDougal, social psychologist and writer of “The group mind”, in which he spoke about the importance of forming work teams and the necessary conditions for That these will be generated in an optimal environment.

And why is it important to us?

Well, because a consistent team achieves objectives more easily, adds value to processes, allows sharing of work goals and objectives, increases motivation and positive attitude; The weaknesses of some are supplied with the strengths of others. All advantages!

And that’s how we spent it! 😉


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