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Artificial intelligence has arrived to stay and its birth has given rise to a tool that companies are already starting to manage and show to their customers, we are talking about ChatBots.

¿What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are a tool based on artificial intelligence that allow interacting with humans through chat. Through the connection with an artificial intelligence engine, the Chatbots give personalized content to the user, learning from it and providing useful information in accordance with their interests.

For the implementation of a Chatbot the secret is to be clear why it is going to be created and what kind of customers needs will solve. A chatbot specialized in selling tickets for a football team will be different from another of customer service in an industrial company as the questions or concerns of each ones are totally different. Each situation requires a previous training of the search engine so that it learns to answer what the user asks for.

This training consists of “imagining” which is what the user is going to ask, starting with the most frequent questions and answering each one so that later the motor performs this action autonomously with the user. It is for this reason that the more hours dedicated to the training of the engine or brain of artificial intelligence, the more effective the responses to the user. It is not the same thing an engine trained to answer 20,000 questions than one prepared for 100. In addition, when formulating such questions you have to consider the type of business in which to implement and user preferences for this type of products or market, that is, analyze in detail, what the user will ask the engine.

Once this training is done, the artificial intelligence engine can learn from the user’s questions. When it detects a question from which it has not been trained to give a solution, through its experience it proposes a response that the programmer must subsequently validate. In this way the intelligence of Chatbot is being polished and improved.

A Chatbot can be trained to perform one or more actions. You can take actions to buy products, look for, give advice and even recommend. Depending on the objective that is sought and the type of business in which it is implemented will do one thing or another. In addition you can give personality to the Chatbot, that is, that respond with a more or less friendly tone, depending on how you detect that the user is asking the question. This function is very useful for large companies to implement a Chatbot personality and talk that are in accordance with their brand strategy and communication, to always deliver messages with an ideal corporate tone or adapt to the character of the user to generate more engagement.

Why should companies implement Chatbots?

Resources. Using an artificial intelligence engine does not require a full-time human for example to face customers 24h. In this way, the Chatbot is responsible for attending in real time and at any time of the day to the customer, which allows to reduce costs and improve the quality of customer service. This enables customer service personnel to focus on other important customer issues, improving business productivity.

Increase sales conversion. Chatbots can be programmed so that they can collect useful information from users / clients, process it and depending on it to guide the user to make the purchase of a particular product or service that suits their characteristics or preferences. Thus, a ChatBot can understand the needs of a client based on the data extracted from it and after a series of algorithms, understand what the user needs to answer their questions and increase the sales conversion.

Collection of user data. Chatbots can serve thousands of users at once, extracting useful information from each of them as consumer behaviors, features, frequently asked questions … All this information that the Chatbot collect are vital for future marketing campaigns to implement .

Mentioned the advantages also it is important to emphasize some risks that imply the incorrect implementation of the Chatbots, such as the fact to give a bad experience to the user due to a poor training of chatbot and that is not able to give answer to the majority of questions that the user asks. This tells us that before launching a chatbot, you must be aware of the degree of complexity you will have, if you will be able to solve many or few questions not to disappoint the user and lose brand reputation.

From Slashmobility we see with great potential the implementation of this type of tools. More and more customers are asking for solutions of this type, either because of the advantages offered or the trend of innovation in artificial intelligence.

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