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Today, we show you 3 Apps from Kokoro Studio to get better internal communication.

All its products from Kokoro are characterized by quality, elegance, utility and, above all, by its easy integration and acquisition by customers. They are products designed and created specifically to provide opportunities and meet the needs of large corporations in their day to day. All products are born under the same premise; Contribute to innovation, improve the communication and cohesion of the employees of the companies.

Here we go!


Tolku is a tool that allows to keep connected to all the employees of a company with great speed and simplicity through its mobile devices. It generates greater engagement among them, allowing them to communicate instantaneously wherever they are by chat, outside or inside the office. It also increases productivity and avoids slow and heavy internal procedures thanks to the employee directory with a simple search by name, surname or department. On the other hand, it also makes phone calls or sends emails from the app generating union and greater collaboration between teams.There are three editions of Tolku depending on the needs of each client; Tolku Free, Pro and Enterprise.



ZenQuest is the perfect mobile solution to get the opinions of employees in a fun way, involving them and making them part of the company’s decision-making and relevant news.Thanks to it, you can receive instant feedback from both your team and even your clients while they have fun voting. The results are shown through different templates, previously defined, and can be extracted through a pdf in order to exploit the data internally.Having ZenQuest in your company is synonymous with greater engagement and commitment of your employees.



Furi-Rooms is the third product of Kokoro Studio. The app offers the possibility to keep a control of the meeting spaces inside the same company avoiding confusion and waits. With just a few simple steps and in a very dynamic way you can visualize the free or occupied rooms as well as know the remaining time of meeting. Through the app you can reserve a space and invite attendees by email.

It is a very simple but effective mobile solution that has a single objective, to improve productivity. At a technical level, it adapts perfectly to any system, allowing easy integration by companies.


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