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Last year we talked about the Top Ten plugins for Sketch in order to increase productivity when working with this tool for designers.

But what about one year later? Does Sketch keep growing and adapting effectively to the increasingly automated demands of designers? Are new plugins appearing?

The answer is yes. The way Sketch connects designers and developers leaves all its competitors on the ground. No doubt then that the production of new plugins for this great tool keeps growing with very interesting results.

So, our SlashGirl Sandra Izquierdo, will show us in this post a collection with their 10 favorite plugins to encourage you to experiment with them and you can make the best of this tool.

Here they go:


As we saw in the previous post by Helena Hernandez, it is important to highlight the importance of the plugin manager Sketch Toolbox. If you still did not know it, we warn you that it is a Must Have in full order. This will allow us to find, install and update plugins in the fastest and most comfortable way possible.


We have the new “crème de la crème” of 2017. Craft is a platform created by Invision which will allow us to have a great variety of new interactions and very useful during the design process in Sketch.

Craft presents us with 6 plugins that offer us different opportunities to noticeably improve our usability and results in Sketch. There are many benefits, highlighting the limited need to install more extensions with the implementation so complete that this platform poses.

To top it off, Craft offers us a manager for all its plugins. With a simple interface we can activate, deactivate and update them.


Magic Mirror 3 is the new version of the famous Magic Mirror plugin. In this version we can reproduce with perspective our artboards in mockups in a much easier and intuitive way. The editing of these also presents us easier. We can refresh the designs, rotate them, and even change their quality.


Map generator is an extension powered by Google Maps. It is a very simple but completely satisfactory plugin. With this you can quickly reproduce the view of a map in your design. Just type the desired location and the Plugin will do the rest!


It is a plugin inspired and created for lovers of Adobe Illustrator. If something is missing from the great program of the designers who use Adobe, it is the facility that has this to select similar aspects found in the same design. We talked about the dear Eyedropper from Illustrator, and now Select similar Layers in Sketch.

Of course, with Sketch, we can not only select the same color, but thanks to this extension we can also select according to the shape! Using Sketch is all advantages!


Probably one of the most cute and nice plugins. Our SlashGirl has lots of fun using it but no tus much as the extension of Confetti.

With Sketchy Pies we can convert layers of circles into portions of Cake. Obviously we will not use the Confetti plugin to decorate our cake, as Sketchy Pies is much more useful for creating infographics and layouts in our design.


Auto Layout describes itself as “Responsive Design for Designers”. And so it is. The amazing thing about this tool is that on your work table you can adapt your designs to any platform or measure.


Another of the plugins inspired by one of the programs of Adobe, in particular, based on one of the tools of Indesign.

With Sketch Distributor we can distribute the space between texts or objects with exactness just by selecting the layers of elements that we want to organize and open the plugin.


This is an extension created by Code Arrows. Sketch Focus is presented in a quite complete and customizable interface with which we can leave notes and tasks in our project to increase the productivity of our designs.


We already talked about Sketch Palettes in the previous post, but both this and the following plugin are a favorite in terms of color organization. Sketch Palettes allows you to save and load colored palettes in the format “sketchpalette” in the folder in which you want to save them.


This tool automatically creates a new artboard on our workbench with our color palette used in the document. Not only does it create the color gamut used, but Shareable Color Palette presents it with its RGB, CMYK and color name values.

If we had to reproduce the range of plugins that can have Sketch, surely they would appear in an artboard of considerable dimensions, but still in Slash we know that order gives us the security we need to unleash our creativity.

We encourage you to consider experimentation as a way to build to personalize the best tool of a UI / UX designer and enjoy your passion with the best results.

Our design department is encouraged to know your adventures with the Sketch plugins and to share anecdotes with you, so do not cut yourself and share your story in the comments area!


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