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Mobile health business will grow 40% in the next 5 years. It’s one of the trends seen in the last Mobile World Congress (may 2017) IoT sensors, robotic capsules, prosthesis, apps detecting health problems… New devices and tools proving  that technology will have a big place in the future of this sector. Patients will be accompanied through technology, which means it’s important to create a value chain (from collecting data , analyzing it and learn from this data to apply changes) in order to offer this service in the best way. Apps are the best channel to collet data. There are 4 types of apps:

  • To inform: Can provide useful information but that’ s all. None interaction is given, so they just are the 15% in the  accompaniment of the patient.
  • To store  : Some interaction is produced as the users upload data offering a progress tracking. They are a 50% in the  accompaniment of the patient
  • To communicate : Best doing the accompaniment, but not very efficiently ( 75%)
  • To get feedback : The feedback is given by a system which has an expert knowledge. It means a 100% of accompaniment to the patient.
Wearables will also play an important role in the future of this sector and in data collection Mobility will progress thanks to this kind of devices, such us: optic sensors, pressure sensors, chemical sensors, etc. In the second phase of the value chain (learn form the data collected), we find Big Data, which allows to get a bigger efficacy in treatments and will also have a big impact in the improvement of life quality and will allow to improve the prevention of some diseases.  Pharmacovigilance and epidemic vigilance too. Anyway, the human part (a health expert in this case) is highly required behind all this data, in order  to use it properly. The flow in the patients’ accompaniment consists of a system like this: Onces this system be effective and productive, the whole accompaniment of the patient could be successful. There is a long way ahead but we should trust in technology. Sources: MMA, Cloud Distric, Wake App Health Our SlashGirl Lara González, from Sales department, is the author of this post.]]>


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