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Existing work patterns inhibit and hinder innovation processes, as well as the agile search for necessary solutions in marketing departments and other business areas with the aggravating fact that at the moment when the idea requires technology, It loses its essence and its staging is slowed down due to the existing interdepartmental dynamics. This is why GoToDigital is born as a new SlashMobility service based on talent of people from the world of marketing and technological management with multidisciplinary knowledge, whose objective is to accompany large corporations to digital transformation through innovation and garage methodology.  


The user has long finished its digital transformation which forces companies to improve the user experience by providing technology. Moreover, employees using technology without the companies management is another important point to make the step towards transformation. However, without cultural change there is no digital transformation so companies that were not born within this culture have major difficulties performing such digital transformation. This is how GoToDigital:
  • Guides the challenges and new business initiatives towards innovation
  • Dynamizes needs with a new approach
  • It goes from idea to solution, in the least time
  • Accompany the client as trusted advisor


Garage methodology combines best practices in the industry, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, agile development and continuous delivery as well as tools to be able to build innovative solutions. 01 In the process will focus on:
  • Understanding: Business opportunity, Contact map, How is the scenario, Identify pain points
  • Exploring: Big Idea, Feature Prioritization, Storyboarding
  • Define: MVP Statement, Assumptions + Risks, Hypothesis Tests, Objectives + Not Objectives


02 Digital disruption will only occur if new technologies are integrated with new business models that affect the company’s value proposition. GoTo Digital firmly believes that real transformation is achieved not only by displacing technologies but by finding business opportunities that increase the value and profitability of corporations. 03 In this way GoToDigital will be the ally of companies looking for the opportunity to reinvent themselves using technology as a competitive advantage. Are you interested in knowing more about GoToDigital? Contact us.]]>


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