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secundaria-londres Through this great step we will answer the digital transformation needs of current customers that have a presence in the UK and will serve a growing market both in the development of mobile corporate solutions and in the use of emerging technologies. London and the United Kingdom in general has a great economic strength resulting from an industrial development that has been able to adapt to changes, specializing in high technology sectors. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, apps, blockchain, traceability, sustainability, alternative foods, FinTech, startups and corporations have filled London city with innovation. This way, it generates 22% of the British GDP with 12.5% of the population, being also the foreign headquarter of 251 banks, a reason why mFinance is one of the great strengths of the technological disruption of the region. Another point to note is that UK reached 71% mobile penetration penetration above the 60% -70% average in the rest of Europe and is the third benchmark of European technological development behind Germany and France. This phenomenon is known as ‘technological immigration’, and is a field in which here in Spain we also stand out, while ours is the fourth destination of reference. Today, the greatest technologies have established headquarters in the United Kingdom, thus important digital clusters have been created. The British digital economy employs more than 1.46 million people, with a projected increase of 5.4% per year until 2020. The challenge for those of us who are part of this promising sector lies in the need to maintain a constant rhythm of innovation and adapt to an equally agile market. This is how SlashMobility confirms the sustained scalability it has marked since it began operations in 2010: with 2 offices – Barcelona and Madrid – more than 50 employees from 10 different countries and surpassing the 1.000 mobile and corporate solutions, it is located in the top of the Mobile development companies in Spain. Our new front office will be located at 67 Grosvenor St Mayfair and will start operations in May.]]>


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