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Nowadays it is necessary that companies are constantly evolving in order to remain competent in the labor market. This causes an increase in demand to get the best IT professionals. At SlashMobility we seek and incorporate the most outstanding and specialized professionals in our technology, but this process is not an easy task.

You will all ask if there are any tips for the recruiter, the person who is analyzing us while asking questions about our professional profile after having done the same with many other people, fall in love and settle for you.


Sara Larrubia, our HR manager, gives us some guidelines so you cannot fail.

A good smile

It is important to be calm, so a smile will always help to have that effect. From the beginning you will have a good impact with the interviewer, yes, without exceeding because you can provoke the contrary impression.

Be constantly updated

For companies it is very important that people are active and don’t stay stagnant, so, wanting to acquire new knowledge and evolve as technology and the companies themselves do, is also imperative for workers.

In SlashMobility we like entrepreneur people, who are abreast of all the technological updates that are being found and especially in our field: the mobile sector; this way you will have more chances that we will settle for you and will give us more facilities to be able to become competitive in the updated IT market.

Trust in yourself

Having a self-confident staff, with a firm attitude, will make the company run much better. If you have confidence in yourself that will mean that you are the right one. How can you feel that confidence? Soak up in the industry before you start the interview and show what you know at all times.

Show your passion for the company

Do not ever doubt whether or not the job looks good to you. In fact, you are excited about being part of the company, so prove it. It makes us want to talk about you, ask us if you have doubts about any aspect that you want to know about us or the company and we will be happy to answer.

In short, a good attitude and aptitude will make the recruiter choose you, go for it!

After these tips, we have to add that SlashMobility is experiencing a growth that is linked to our untiring desire to work. At present, we have stopped being a StartUp to become a solid company and be a reference in the mobile sector, all without leaving aside our DNA Slash. This growth, of course, also affects our team, so if you are an active person, wanting to continue learning and a passion for new technologies and mobile solutions, what are you waiting to join us?

We are looking for talent for the design department and other profiles to strengthen our team of developers, who program in iOS, Android or Cross. Check out all the offers here and join our SlashTeam!

We are waiting for you 😉


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