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Mobile messaging keeps growing and, although new applications are born every day, the big ones stay on the top. Today, our SlashBoy, Ismael Florit, Head of Development at SlashMobility, tells us all the things we need to know to stay current. We have all witnessed the recent launch of a new Google messaging app that makes us ask ourselves what interest has an application of these characteristics for a business, despite the cost that may mean developing and maintaining it. The answer is very simple: the more target audience you reach, the better, based on their context, to be able to apply the best marketing techniques. captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-19-a-las-17-04-49 Surveys, segmented advertising, video advertising, sponsored links, specialized apps, mCommerce, Bots and automated conversations. All these are the options that are entering the basic operative of any app and greatly improve the market studies that otherwise must continually innovate. In addition, not only mobile apps implement these features. There are more and more web applications that integrate chats where that offer help or advice, either for the purchase of their products or in their offer of services, thus guaranteeing an engagement at a much higher percentage than a simple web. Any company that offers services should know how to benefit from these types of apps, or even think about improving their own app based on updating their communication channels with their customers. With the arrival of Chatbots, brands have a unique opportunity to establish direct relationships through applications that users use on a daily basis and thus strengthen their image by responding, or even begin conversations proactively to retain their customers. One of the things that are enhancing is the good treatment, which in turn, makes you gain a better reputation; the most favored are those that make up a Customer Service Service, through which the customer of a product or service can communicate in a much more effective and adapted way to their schedules than any telemarketer service. Surely we all know more than one example. Several start ups, such as SlashMobility, are already offering the possibility of integrating messaging services within their developed apps, with the intention of providing companies and brands with an effective and fast mechanism to be able to send personalized content to their customers and, this way, guarantee a higher number of sales that next years could surpass that of segmented advertising. Actions such as this have already been implemented by Facebook and the CNN news channel, which send suggested content based on the tastes of each user of your app. Google Allo, in response to Chatbot conversations with suggested elements, has introduced the concept of “assistant” in the conversations where it makes use of all its knowledge base to contribute with value and enrich them with images and suggestions referring to the messages sent by the users. In the case of Microsoft, we know that it has recently purchased a start up dedicated to developing artificial intelligence for deployment in messaging apps, just as Facebook has created its own division to investigate how AI can help generate better content for its users. All these measures have in common the same objective: content marketing, which was one of the most important marketing trends in 2015 and 2016 occupying almost 30% of the marketing area, while investment in social networks or marketing in mobile does not occupy More than 11%. captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-19-a-las-17-26-57 All the artificial intelligence that can be at service of brands to enhance their products, should be applied to the generation of content to capture users proactively. Chatbots are a reality already and are here to serve the customers: it’s time to use them! Are you going to stay behind?]]>


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