Grupo Planeta is the first Spanish publishing and communication group with a wide range of cultural, training, information and audiovisual entertainment. It has a presence in more than 25 countries, especially in Spain, France, Portugal and Latin America. the first group in Spain in distance and online training for professionals and the first group of personalized language teaching.

Founded in1949 in Barcelona by José Manuel Lara Hernández.

The Group closed an annual turnover of € 3,300 million (2016). It is also a reference shareholder of the newspaper La Razón and ATRESMEDIA.


Concept Studio
Software Development



Technological challenge

  • Definition and implementation of a solution capable of predicting, based on the stored data, the potential traffic.
  • Definition of a solution that allows the integration of potential sdk’s of car manufacturers.
  • Implementation of a cartographic solution that meets the defined functional requirements and UI / UX requirements.
  • Integration of numerous external services.

Challenge MKT & deal

  • Increasing sales through a new B2B business line.
  • The effort / cost for the production of a customized application must be less than 5 MD.


  • Definition of a profitable B2B business model on demand.
  • Optimization of business KPIs at + 15%.
  • Customization of 5 Digital Libraries for Large Corporations during the first 6 months of commercialization of the product.
  • More than 150,000 user codes created in the platform for the first 6 months.
  • Conversion of codes activated by the user of 94%.
  • More than 1 book read by average user.