FC Barcelona is the football team of the city of Barcelona, ​​founded in 1899. It is the most awarded Spanish club nationwide, with a total of 73 championships. The Camp Nou is visited by an average of 77,401 attendees a year from all over the world, with 153 458 members. His claim, ‘Més que un club’ (“more than a club”) welcomes both the fact of protecting many types of sport and its partners, its fans, sponsors, the players themselves and the Barcelona brand.


Digital Hub
– Co-Creation



Objective and challenge

At the time of facing the challenge, FC Barcelona had 3 applications in the market: FCB Socis, FCB Passaport and FCB Seient lliure. The 3 ones are directly related to the experience of the stadium in general and the match in particular. The first one, which is intended for members who want to free their seats, has more than 20,000 users, which is only 28% of the members. The second one, on the other hand, has 3,000 users (it is the least used), of those used for access to the field.

The third one, destined to the minors of the partners, has 2,500 users (still with 21,000 downloads). This brings us to 30 activations per match, of the 3,000 children’s accesses that are granted in the matches allowed. These numbers, as you can see, are quite low for a client like the FCB. The objective, therefore, is to improve these figures. However, firstly we must analyze what happens with these applications, what needs they cover and the objectives of each one in order to reach a more effective way.


  • Benchmarking: market study of competence’s apps and / or similar functionalities.
  • Focus Group: grouping of different stakeholders to open debate about current experience and directed by certain questions around the main problem.
  • Mind Map: All those sectors and influential factors in the process of achieving our challenge are shown. They give us an idea of ​​everything to take into account to achieve our challenge.
  • User Journey map: the experience of our client is mapped and the points of contact and pain points are identified. With this, we obtain the opportunities which to offer a solution with.
  • Person: the target is defined, we obtain information from our client.
  • Brainstorming: generation of ideas taking into account all the information of the previous phases.
  • Zen vote: vote on the best ideas that will make up the final solution.


  • Unification of the 3 applications in a single app. An application aimed mainly at the partner (priority target) with the functionalities that it already contained along with new ideas, as well as secondary functionalities that concern family members and children.
  • Design of the new application.
  • Development of the new application.