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To achieve excellence when creating a mobile application we must focus our efforts on the UI, UX, and CX design. But we know that it is common for these acronyms to generate some confusion. That’s why our expert in UX / UI design Helena Hernández clarifies these concepts to know what each one covers.

Designing and designing a unique and exclusive application is a complicated task. It is common to find several mobile applications to solve the same task, but not all meet the expectations of the end user to the same extent. To achieve this satisfaction must take into account aspects such as: the platform for which it is designed (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), the navigability of the app, implementation of a look and feel according to the brand and a customer service which covers all phases.


The UI design is the visual translation of all elements of the app with which the user will interact directly. In other words, it is a compendium of all that the user receives as visual feedback. It includes therefore the design of the buttons and form fields, as well as the use of the color palette, the copys and interactions or transitions within the application, among many other elements. We must not forget that when we speak of user interface we must include not only the visual but also the auditory aspects. A clear example of this would be the voice of a GPS application.

It is often said that a good user interface is one that is invisible and focuses on the usability of the app. But beware, it is important to qualify this statement. When we talk about invisible design, we talk about design that does not generate noise or distraction in the accomplishment of tasks. The best examples of optimized UIs are those in which the brand image is generated and strengthened without neglecting usability.


The UX designer is responsible for ensuring the final satisfaction of the user. To do this, it examines whether the application that has been created meets and meets the needs for which it was created. Wondering how can I make this easier for the user? How can I create happy users through an unforgettable user experience?

A designer wishing to target UX design must develop their creative and critical ability to offer the best design solutions. And he will do this not only from a constructive point of view but also the disruptive in order to bring his knowledge both framed within style guides and ways of using the usual platforms, as well as having the ability to step out of the box and offer new alternatives to what has already been established.

Its design principles are derived from the user’s cognitive and behavioral analysis, rather than aesthetic or compositional values, since that terrain is the playing field of a UI designer.



Customer experience is defined as the sum of all interactions a customer has with a company. These interactions put the consumer figure in the center of the focus throughout the entire product or service path.

The way to relate to the consumer is composed of multiple channels: physical, telephone, virtual, etc. Talking about customer experience is done from a multichannel experience perspective and encompasses several stages ranging from initial awareness of a potential customer through the shopping experience to after use. In other words, it includes pre-launch, launch and post-lunch.

We must keep in mind that a good customer experience must involve and encourage the participation of all the company’s roles, since only in this way will we arrive at a true understanding, planning and implementation of a specific plan to guarantee total satisfaction of our clients.

If we move this to the process of creation and life of a digital solution, as it is a mobile application, we would be talking about that the CX treats the whole process in which we emphasize the following phases: conceptualization (where it is necessary to take the figure of the user / client as initial reference for decision making and solutions to be implemented), development, launch and maintenance. It is, in short, to cover adequately all the phases according to the requirements of each moment, whether information, resolution or administrative. Focusing our attention and including the client as an actor throughout the process will generate loyalty and recurrence.

We hope that with this post you have become a little clearer what each thing is and what differences there are between each one of them.


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