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In past posts, we talked about the vehicle connected, here we leave all the content:

  1. GPS is not enough in connected vehicles
  2. Connected vehicle & Apps
  3. Safety in the connected vehicle
  4. Strategies of the main automotive manufacturers

In this one we offer you a list of the most important technological terms of mobility in automotive 😉


Tethering is the process by which a device is used as a means to connect others to the Internet. It is for example, when we use our smartphone to connect our laptop out of the office. As in this case, the thetering can be done using a wireless connection such as Bluetooth, or via a USB cable.


Siri is the most advanced speech recognition system available today. It is developed by Apple for its iOS systems and allows us to communicate with the machine with a natural language.

We highlight this technology because the devices and applications of the connected vehicle are manipulated largely by voice, for the safety of people, as drivers and pedestrians.

Embebed SIM

It is a special SIM card designed to allow Machine to Machine communication (M2M). Among its advantages is that it can be activated in the destination country so that a SIM is not needed in each country where the connected vehicle is sold. They use this type of SIM some important manufacturers like BMW.

These embedded cards are located in spaces within the vehicle specially adapted in a disguised way


The emergency call makes an automatic call to the 112, without the intervention of the driver, when detecting a serious accident in some of the sensors of the vehicle, as could be the activation of the airbag.

This call sends a pre-recorded message, also sending the GPS position of the damaged vehicle, and the time of the accident. This activation can also be performed manually to anticipate other circumstances.

Dondgle 3G

This is a USB device that has a wireless modem with which the elements of the vehicle can connect to the network. Among the manufacturers that have opted for this solution we have the French Citroen and Peugeot.


Roaming, and in particular data roaming, is the service offered by mobile operators to allow full coverage regardless of the country in which we find ourselves. The current problem of roaming is the high cost, for which we pay even the calls we receive in our terminal.

That is why the proposal to eliminate these costs by law for all its citizens and to create a truly connected continent is particularly relevant.


The LTE acronym comes from the English term Long Term Evolution, is a wireless broadband technology that is primarily designed to support the constant access of mobile phones and portable devices to the Internet.

Technically speaking, LTE refers to a standard of mobile communication developed by the organization 3GGP that detected a great need to ensure the competitiveness of the 3G system for the future as it was being threatened by the 4G technology, and thus be able to please users which demanded more quality and faster service.

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