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Managing, coordinating, leading are concepts that have been dealt with frequently and have a large bibliography, but what happens in today’s environments?

  • No time for management
  • Coordinating teams is not considered a priority task
  • The heads of the departments are not prepared for it
  • The management does not value the time spent in management because it is non-billable time

And endless more points that are heard every day by different companies and / or colleagues in the sector.

First, what should be the goal of managing a team? To get each of the people in the group to achieve the highest possible productivity, but …

How is it achieved?

Previously it is necessary a suitable environment, that is to say, a collaborative team in which each person complements the rest and contributes an added value. Sometimes, there are teams with people with a lot of potential that together do not add up for different circumstances. This could be avoided if the following points were taken into account:

Define team roles with a common goal

Each team member must know their mission, roles and responsibilities, as well as the value that their work brings to the company. When there are inconsistencies and people are not clear what the company hopes for themselves is when problems start. To do so, it is necessary to set long-term objectives broken down into short and small specific tasks. Always sharing common goals that favor teamwork.

Flexibility and time

More does not mean better, sometimes even counterproductive. Having more time facilitates compliance with the Parkinson’s Law: “The time it takes to do a task tends to expand until it takes up all the time available.” So if a task can be done in 15 minutes but we give half an hour we use the full half hour. Therefore, we must be consistent with the volume of work vs. time of work and as responsible of a team you have to know how to manage your own time and at the same time take responsibility for the time spent on your team in the different tasks of the area.

Bi-directional feedback

Meet with your team to encourage:

– Implication and commitment: if you can give your opinion and this is considered to feel that they contribute value, as long as you give them adequate feedback.

– Boosting proactivity and creativity: different points of view before a theme is much more enriching.

– Improve performance: these are key moments in guiding the team towards the highest priority tasks, as well as promoting learning among all.

– Synergies: to implement new challenges and challenges that increase the motivation of the team.

To motivate

Efficiency and motivation go hand in hand, do not let your team fall into conformity.

Putting them team challenges is appropriate, but you have to take into account the individual needs of each, “not everyone needs the same”.


As responsible to manage the team you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of each member. This will help guide you to the areas where you have the most potential, as well as help you in those that are weak.


Delegate responsibilities as you progress in your career is a sign of confidence and value to the work you have done, just as it facilitates the growth of the department.

And finally, as leader ….

  • You need communicative skills.
  • Learning from mistakes and recognizing them, assuming them is human leaders!
  • Get involved, be accessible and close, you are the image of the team!
  • Form up! If you demand your team to be up to date, lead by example. Knowledge does not take place.
  • Humor! Nobody likes to have a toxic person next to them.
  • Simplify processes with technology: digitize your department to save time on unnecessary and strategic tasks.
  • Team building! Activities outside work to promote bonding (yes, it is not necessary that the frequency is excessive, take into account the conciliation).
  • Values! Power the corporate culture. If your team does not create or share business values, it will not be aligned with corporate strategy.


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