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How could we be more creative in complex situations? How could we solve problems in a cooperative way? Which kind of positive experiences do we need to lead obstacles in an inspirational and pragmatic way?

Have you ever heard names such as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Ana Fisher, martin Luther King, Petra Kally, Shakespeare or Mahatma Ghandi? We have the successful key that these names share in SlashMobility.

If the key is creativity, the methodology is to grow. If the objective is to success, the way is to learn, if the leitmotiv is to live, the essence is to share.

We are not only talking about Design Thinking, but about experience and its own capacity to expand microstructure nervous system to get a better neuronal predisposition to send and receive information.

We are going to work on our creativity so we learn an easy way to adapt our minds to new situations. Learn how we can progress and not to get blocked.

We are going to show you our experience analyzing challenges and solving them.



We will start using a creative and easy technique with a simple objective: collecting ideas.


A question and an answer, a problem and a solution. Design Thinking is a creative methodology. There are many ways to work on questions and answers, but the key is to write a quick answer (the first one appearing in your mind)


In a white paper stick 6 pots-it notes in the front page and another 6 more post-it notes in the reverse.


The whole team decide a question and start the first round.

In this first round you have to write your first answer (1 word) in the first post-it note. When you finish pass the paper to the colleague in your right.

This will continue 12 more rounds so we will have 12 words in every paper. If we are 12 people working in this session, will have 108 concepts, that will increase when we finish the next step: Card Sorting. (130 words finally)



We have to sort these recollected concepts in different values that we think are the most important, getting a value library of real virtues and incapacities.


Every participant have to choose a word of each subjects selected as values. Once the selection is made we will have 6 words in total by participant. Then, we are going to conceptualize a subjective sentence with these 6 words. Finally, we will read out all the sentences.



Every one has to vote their  3 favorite sentences, giving them points from 1 to 3. After that, we will count the votes to choose 3 winner sentences. We will get challenges and solutions from these sentences.


Once we have the challenges , we will focus on the ones which represents current problems for the company.

This process helps us to understand mistakes that usually don’t pay attention on, and also helps us to work in a solution.

Human beings working together as a team  squeeze  all their capacities  of progress and adaptation.

“A mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it is not open” Albert Einstein

Our SlashGirl Sandra Izquierdo, from Design department, is the author of this post.


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