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secundaria-clientesAccording to data from recent studies, 43% believe that mobility is one of the two priorities as a resource for the adoption of new technologies in their companies and 77% affirm that mobility is among the five most important factors when developing New strategies. We see, therefore, how mobile solutions are no longer considered as a tactic or punctual action, but are conceived as a global strategy within the business. This change of mentality has meant that there has also been an evolution in the services demanding of mobility companies.

In this line, in SlashMobility we worked for three years under the time & material modality, although it is true that it is now when we have noticed a considerable increase in the demand for this service. For those who are not familiar with this way of working, it is a model of recruitment in which the client pays for the time or materials that are necessary. In other words: it is a service that guarantees the incorporation of expertise in the field of mobility through the incorporation of different expert profiles. The rates vary according to the profile requested and the number of hours that are hired. Usually opt for this type of hiring companies that, for a specific workload or for a specific project, need an additional reinforcement of their equipment.

This type of service is often confused with outsourcing. However, we should not confuse both concepts because they are not the same. Let’s look at the differences. While outsourcing refers to the mere outsourcing of people, in time & material a service hire is made, that is to say, there is a deeper intervention, dedication and involvement on the part of the company that offers the service. Thus, after the requirements are taken, an analysis of the situation is made and the proposal is prepared that best suits their needs, thus contributing our expert knowledge throughout the value chain: conceptualization, development, delivery and maintenance. In short, we can say that outsourcing resources to work in a project (outsourcing) is simple. The key is to organize a multidisciplinary team that can complete the project (time & material).

But what advantages does it offer for those who hire?

  • Flexibility: an available multidisciplinary team to combine according to the specific needs of the project in each moment.
  • Specialization: the company that hires can have advice and expert profile. This profile is not limited to mobile development, but also to other figures involved in the process: designers, project managers, app marketing profiles, etc.
  • Product quality: a solution developed by an expert profile will always have a superior quality. With this we will achieve a mobile solution more adjusted to the needs of our user and increase the engagement. Because, let’s face it, a quality product is easier to sell.
  • Reduction of costs: since it is only paid by the hours in which the expert is involved in the project directly. Thus, based on our own experience offering this service, we can say that the savings for a company that contracts this service is around 45%.
  • Focusing efforts: The more activities your company assumes, the more scattered efforts there will be. With this type of recruitment you will be able to focus on the true core of your business, while expert professionals help you drive it.

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