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The difficulty of finding expert profiles within the technological sector is a reality. The labor market is suffering the “technological bubble“: there are thousands of job offers but there are not the same number of specialized professionals to cover them. How to cope with this situation? From our Talent Office, Esther Ferrer, gives us some tips.

principal-recruitmentObviously digitization is a process that is already here and companies from any sector are including technological improvements, both in procedures and in the processes of the organization itself. For this reason, emerging professional profiles that previously were not necessary to have inhouse, since the projects that were usually outsourced were of short duration and / or daily interaction with the client was not required. The current dilemma is that companies know their needs, but do not have enough specialists to cover them. Therefore, the most efficient option will be to rely on an expert ally.


Surely you are wondering … How?


Looking for companies specialized in selection services and outsourcing of technological profiles in which they understand and have an expert knowledge in technology. Thus, they will not only dedicate to post a new vacancy in the job boards, but will help you define the profile you are looking for. We also suggest that initially the external company manage the recruitment of the person so that the organization can focus only on the objectives of the project.


Who says you should incorporate staff overnight without knowing the performance they will have?


You can have expert people within the company for a certain period of time and hire from an expert technician to a complete team dedicated to a project and then evaluate if you want to hire them. It is like “leasing” with option of incorporation. Having this service consists of having the specialist “in house”, making the communication and definition of the project easier from the beginning. Closer communication is always a guarantee of success.


Another advantage of finding a specialist partner is that the experts in tech recruitment dedicate their efforts to achieve technological profiles inside and outside the country, so they will be of great help to international companies and / or seeking internationalization. In addition, depending on the complexity of the project and the needs, they can offer you, as previously mentioned, a “complete team”: a project manager, as well as the technical people required. This manager will be the one who will define the requirements of the project with the client and who will channel the communication with the rest of the team.


With SlashMobility, through selection services, time & material or dedicated team we offer talent to the companies in needed technical areas. In addition, we have a wide range of tech profiles with different levels of experience and knowledge, so we can quickly locate equipment for the execution of projects in clients’ facilities or in our own offices in Madrid or Barcelona.


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