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Those who have been following us for a while already know that one of the things that define SlashMobility since its start is the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we bring you Bloomium: a company that aims to capitalize the talent on projects, identify it to turn it into success stories and guide startups to become successful businesses. Bloomium focuses mainly on technology-based entrepreneurs or Startups whose talent is found both in their business idea and in their team, trying to offer a viability and support focused on mentoring to bring the project to success. Also, Bloomium gives the chance to the investors who want to be part of projects with high perspective of success to invest in these startups under Bloomium‘s corporate umbrella through increasing the initial investment. Finally, there’s the Corporate Lab that eases the entrepreneurial capacity by outsourcing services through our company, obtaining this way the technology and the services a startup needs without undergoing the procedures of a large company. Bloomium has a team of luxury mentors who have more than 10 years experience in the sector, to help achieve the success we are talking about, apart from the core team, which is also composed by experienced professionals. Do you have a technology-based project or Startup? Do you want to make it succeed? Don’t hesitate in contacting us, we will work hard to make it happen. Follow us on twitter! 🙂  ]]>


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