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logo_wmWomen in Mobile” is an initiative led by Caroline Ragot, Mobile Strategist at InfoJobs Schibsted Classified Media, and Vanessa Estorach, Founder and Principal Consultant at mobile marketing agency e-growing. The goal is to create a networking space where the best and brightest international Women in Mobile can meet and exchange on how to shape the future of mobile apps. If you are a mobile enthusiast, you should definitely save the date for March 3rd. It will be the first time you can see the stage taken exclusively by leading women in the mobile industry during the week of the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. There are amazing women around the world founding mobile startups or leading the way in all kinds of mobile expertise. Do you want to know the most influential women in mobile? You’ll do it! And you’ll be able to listen to their success stories and to learn from them in this four parts event: there will be two keynotes, a panel, a pitches space so appreneurs can spread the word about their mobile projects and a party! . “Women are social and love to share knowledge but sometimes don’t stand out enough in tech events. That’s why we are organizing Women in Mobile: to draw inspiration from some of the best women in mobile and other women and men as wellto take the challenge”, explained Vanessa Estorach and Caroline Ragot, co-founders of Women in Mobile. Katharina Klausberger, co-founder of the Sphock App will be the keynote speaker for the evening. “Female leadership is not fairly present in the innovation landscape. So I’m thrilled to support Women in Mobile to help bridging the gap,” added Katarina. Katarina is no stranger to the Mobile World Congress week as Shpock won the Techcrunch Mobile Barcelona Meetup’s competition in 2013. Shpock is a flea market app for beautiful things in your neighbourhood. Other amazing women in mobile such as Olga Steidl from the San Francisco startup Inbot Inc., Christina Voskoglou from Vision Mobile, the leading research company in the app economy, Ruth Barnett, swift key from VP of Global Communications, Sandra Sancho, Marketing Manager from My Taxy, Diana Lama, UX Manager from Privalia and Elisabeth Barrie, Head of Mobile from Schibsted Classified Media will also take the stage and share their hottest tips and tricks on how to make an app a success. The event will be held on March 3rd, 2014 at 19.30 at the lounge club MauMau. This will certainly be one of the most special nights of the Mobile World Congress week, combining great talks by inspiring speakers and easygoing networking drinks at one of the trendiest venues of Barcelona.]]>

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