Celler de Can Roca is considered one of the best restaurants in the world, founded in 1986 and specialized in traditional Catalan cuisine, it is characterized by its constant innovation, it has three Michelin stars and is positioned in the Top 5 since 2009 in the list prepared by Restaurant Magazine, with more than 700 suppliers and 70 workers and closed the annual turnover with € 6.7 million (2013).

The Celler de Can Roca brings us the following challenges:

The Celler de Can Roca launches ” Rocook Induction “, a disruptive project that consists of the development of an innovative countertop that allows the user to cook with precise control of the temperature or power level. This can be managed and controlled remotely through an application, which also allows access to recipes and courses of interest.


Concept Studio
Software Development



“Technological challenge”

  • “Digitization of the countertop “”Rocook Induction””.
  • Capturing, storaging and sending data in relation to the temperature of the cooking medium and the temperature inside the food.
  • Definition and implementation of a bluetooth communication protocol between “Rocook Induction” and the mobile application.

Challenge MKT & deal

  • Development of a new line of business with the sale of the Rocook Induction product
  • Strengthen alliances with strategic partners such as Cata, LÉKUÉ and Alícia.
  • Increasing sales of courses and recipes through the Mobile channel.


  • Activation of the application in more than 90% of Rocook Induction purchases.
  • Increase in sales of courses and recipes by more than 15%.
  • Collaboration agreement for the production, financing and distribution of the product with Cata, LÉKUÉ and Alícia.
  • Duration of the average session of more than 10 minutes.
  • 75% of users continue to be considered active after three months of installation.