CINESA is the leading company in cinematographic exhibition in Spain with more than 21 million viewers, and leader also in showrooms with more than 530, distributed in the 45 cinemas that it has in the main provincial capitals.

After conducting a training workshop in relation to emerging technologies and their potential impact on business, it is agreed to hold a session whose objective is, using different techniques, to raise a challenge together with the Cinesa team that allows us to define an MVP with clear objectives under the “paradigm of digital transformation”. The challenge defined is to define the same advertising campaign and launch it into two different segments; a segment defined based on traditional criteria and another segment defined according to predictive analytics.


Digital Hub
Concept Studio
Software Development



Technological challenge

  • Implementation of the behavior tagging on Cinesa’s corporate website in relation to the user.
  • Export of Dada tracking with new data source
  • Crossing of data from different data sources; transaction data, user behavior on the web, behavior of campaigns, profiling of clients, etc.
  • Data tracking export.
  • Development of backend and bbdd.
  • Definition and implementation of scoring calculation for the definition of new segments.
  • Export of data with scoring.

Challenge MKT & deal

  • Increasing revenue in campaigns in which predictive analytics are applied
  • Prediction with greater probability of Conversion.
  • Defining segments with similar characteristics with higher conversion probability.
  • Increasing the incremental conversion; those users who did not plan to come to the Cinema.


  • Discovery of new segments.
  • The revenue of the campaigns in which predictive analytics is applied is increased by more than 10%.