WKE is a global leader in the development of Integrated Solutions for Business and Professional Offices. Provides information management software and services to help professionals, Tax, Finance and Health to make their most critical decisions effectively and confidently. Wolters Kluwer customers depend on their solutions and services to manage complex layers of data and rules that define the current world of business and management successfully.


In the field of software development, WKE detects the need for a strong partner in the field of mobility to help you in developing products in this area. Mobile devices are increasingly present in the daily life of individuals and companies and therefore it is essential that customers can use their WKE solutions from anywhere and anytime.


SlashMobility began working as Partner in Mobility projects with WKE by developing mobile solutions for their software products while generating a development framework that WKE will incorporate in all future projects minimizing development time and costs.


WKE has been able to market products, which until now only had a desktop version, on mobile devices, which has differentiated itself from the competition entering fully into the world of mobility offering versions on all platforms and getting a good position in this sector.