Social Point Barcelona is a company dedicated to the development of social game. Founded in 2008, currently has over 50 million monthly active users with hits like Dragon City, Social Empires and Social Wars.


After numerous successes in Facebook, Social Point plans to leverage the virality and accessibility of the mobile channel to extend the gaming service to its users so they can access at any time and place, starting with the successful Social Empires.


Social Empires was a widely known social application on Facebook and social networking but its expansion to the mobile channel was not easy because the user was already used to access it from Facebook and not all features of this version could be transferred to the mobile channel. The solution was to enhance the differential factors that could maximize the benefits of this platform. Social Point chose SlashMobility to accompany them in all the early stages of its expansion bringing its experience in conceptualizing and collaborating in the development of the app for iOS and implementing Mobile Marketing strategy to achieve greater visibility for the application.