DressApp is the fashion application that comes as an incubated from the laboratory of ideas of SlashMobility in 2010.


Analyzing the potential of the retail sector within the fashion industry and the opportunities that are offered, SlashMobility decided to go for this project from the start. After our experience developing applications for others companies, it was time for our own product.


It took a thorough analysis of the market and competition to begin to develop a strategy and an action plan that would convert DressApp a reference within the fashion industry. The users and their needs were the starting point. After months of work, it was in 2010 when DressApp was officially launched. An app that allows you to include all the clothes in the Smartphone, which can be viewed and classified by styles (casual, evening, beach), seasonal and brands. It also lets you create different looks and share them through social networks. It also contains a calendar where users can add and arrange all sets.


After its launch, DressApp was positioned in the TOP 100 in the category of lifestyle in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Portugal. International presence in over 140 countries achieving more than 450,000 downloads. The application has become the channel of brands marketing, achieved through the publication of catalogs, increase your visibility, traffic and sales percentage. 450,000 users have downloaded catalogs, seen 3.5 million of articles published , photographed 2.9 million garments and created more than 300,000 outfits. DressApp has managed to attract a large surrounding community in the digital world and getting over 14,000 Twitter followers and over 24,000 Facebook fans actively interacting with the brand every day.