Desigual is a textile company established in 1984 that currently is present in 72 countries with over 400 stores and an annual growth above 50% through internationalization and innovation, two ways to grow.


Loyal to its innovative spirit, years ago, they set the mobile channel as an essential pillar in its ICT strategy, both internally and externally, by looking for a technology partner who shared the same vision.


Since the year 2011, from SlashMobility we have had the privilege to join them in this evolution by putting all our knowledge and experience in the field of mobile development to serve its objectives.

Prioritizing the development of operational applications, including both the use of indigenous technologies (two applications in iOS) and Cross technologies (three applications in Sencha Touch) depending on the functional and technical requirements of each one and firmly committed to the implementation of a BYOD paradigm (multi-device, cross-platform) within the company, to ensure both compatibility and costs. So the Cross technologies are emerging as the reference technology platform to take into account in the roadmap for the development of apps within the company.


Five operational applications in the corporate Market and part of SlashMobility team is on permanent cooperation with the department of mobility in Desigual for which the number of resources and investment for this channel has been increased in recent years.