Everyone talks about the Internet of things, the community is growing and the number of connected devices grows exponentially. The IoT covers everything from industrial machines to portable devices. IoT devices use built-in sensors to collect data and take measurements of that data in a network.

In short, the Internet of Things is the future of technology that can make our lives more efficient. If you want to know more about Iot, I recommend these post: The amazing world of IoT and an easy way to understand what the IoT is.

The IoT is a product, which many companies and many people want to invest, there is so much interest in this products, that some companies are starting to produce IoT products without any value. These products are called: Internet of Unusable Things, projects that use this innovative technology but add zero value to the market. In order your product doesn’t become an IuT and became a success, we bring you 5 basic requirements of the IoT products.


5 basic requirements  

1. Intelligent and adaptable


When IoT devices learn and adapt to the needs of users, they provide an experience that can eliminate the need for a user interface.

Example of success:

Nest Thermostat 

Nest adapts the temperature according to your daily schedule.


2. Be designed for humans

IoT needs to remain human to continue being relevant. The design of products and experiences should always implement a human layer. Otherwise, its initial value is meaningless. Who will benefit from the data, if not?


MySignals is a development platform for medical devices and eHealth apps. You could use MySignals to measure all the biometric variables of a patient in your own home.


3. Security and Privacy

With more of our interactions in the world happening online, the security and authentication of IoT products and services are paramount. Otherwise, bad things can happen.


SIGFOX is the UK newest network that provide low cost and low power connectivity for IoT apps. With this network, you do not need to worry about security since SIGFOX takes care of it, from device to device.


4. Innovador

IoT’s fundamental technologies provide opportunities to invent new categories of products and services, offering real improvements in quality of life and comfort.

For a new IoT product to succeed in an existing category, you must increase the purpose of an existing product in a way that adds value.


Flood Beacon

It is a deployable flotation device that informs data and flood level alerts in real time. http://floodbeacon.com/

5. Suitable and appropriate

Choosing between the correct wireless communication, battery and sensor requirements; will play a very important factor in determining the success of the final result.


LoRa is a low-power radio communication protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). Your goal is long-range connections.



Our SlashBoy Alvaro Saburido, Innovation Manager, is the author of this post.

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